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Ms Lauren
Ms Lauren
4.9 (276 learners)

Learn from a professional

Practice every week

Grow as an artist

Ages 7-13 Weekly Virtual 50 Min

Pause or cancel anytime

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Class Experience

Why Art Club?

Art is a way for us to relax, explore our creativity, and express ourselves.

Yet, it can be hard to get to an art center consistently. Sometimes it's the commute, other times it's a packed schedule...

Whatever the reason, Art Club is here to make it easy for any family to have a fantastic art education.

I hope to see you in class 🌈

- Ms. Lauren

How does Art Club work?

Every week, we paint something new! There are 9 class times to choose from. It's $17 per class. Pause or cancel anytime.

What will we paint?

We cover four topics a month: Abstract Art, an Artist from History, Character Drawing, and Nature.

I strive to create a nurturing space where students grow to love practicing and experimenting. The more we practice, the better we get!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of one year, learners will grow in their ability to:

  • Draw & paint their favorite things
  • Make magical color palettes
  • Speak to a variety of artistic styles
  • Find beauty in the world around them


Miss a class?

No worries - hop into another class section or watch the class recording.


You should be able to pick up everything you need from your local art store or amazon (here's a list) for less than $35:

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paint & brush
  • Pencil, eraser, sharpie
  • Tape (painters/masking)
  • Cup of water, small towel
  • Clean area for working

What happens next?

After you sign up, I'll send over a link for your class section!