Welcome, Friend!

Let's get ready for your first class


Here's what you'll need for class:

Watercolor Supplies:

  • 🎨 Watercolor Paint
  • 🖌️ Watercolor Brush
  • 🔖 Watercolor Paper


  • ✏️ Scrap paper, pencil, eraser, sharpie
  • 📼 Tape (masking or painters)
  • 🌊 Cup of water & paper towel
  • 🌈 A clean flat surface area
  • 📋 Clipboard or folder

And we sometimes use...

  • 🖍️ Crayons &🧂 Table salt


New to Watercolor?

Here are a few recommendations to save you time:

Watercolor Paint ($9) 🎨

  • Start with a paint palette like this. Paint tubes can be messy and difficult for beginners. If your paint palette doesn't come with a lid or mixing tray, grab a Tupperware lid. One paint set can easily last you a year.

Watercolor Brush ($16) 🖌️

  • Round tip brushes like these are great for both wide brush strokes and fine lines. Sizes #2-10 are marvelous, nothing smaller or larger is necessary. Brushes will last a long time.

Watercolor Paper ($10) 🔖

Class Expectations (please read!)

⏰ We start on time with supplies ready

🦄 We are kind to ourselves and peers

✋ We raise our hands for questions

✨ We to get a little bit better each day

A little bit over a long time makes for a very good artist!


💛 Thank you