Class Materials

You can get everything that you need from your local art store or amazon for under $35.

  • Watercolor paint ($9)

    Paint tubes can be messy and difficult for beginners. Start with a paint palette like this. If your paint palette doesn't come with a lid or mixing tray, grab a Tupperware lid.

  • Watercolor paintbrush ($16)

    Round tip brushes like this are great for both wide brush strokes and fine lines. Sizes #2-10 are marvelous, nothing smaller or larger is necessary.

  • Watercolor paper ($10)

    Cold pressed, 140 lb, no larger than 11x14 in. This is an excellent brand for beginners

  • Additional materials (around the house)

    Tape (masking tape or painters tape is best), pencil, eraser, cup of water, paper towel, a clipboard or sturdy piece of cardboard (to tape paper onto), crayons, salt (table salt works great!), and a clean flat surface area for working.

Class expectations for a magical learning environment

(cough cough, please read this) ☺️

  • We make the most of our time together

    Come to class on time with your...

    • Supplies ready to rock and rumble 🥁
    • Paper taped to a clipboard or art sheet 🖼️
    • Video on so we can see your lovely face ✨
  • We are considerate of our peers

    • Microphone off when you’re not talking 🎙️
    • No distracting filters or backgrounds ☠️
    • If you have a question, raise your hand ✋
    • No mic hogs 🐷
  • We have a growth mindset

    • Practice makes better 🖌️
    • Come curious and willing to learn 🧐
    • Remember, in Art there are no mistakes, just happy accidents ☺️

Common Questions

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Miss a class?

Every class is recorded so that you can follow along if you miss class (or want extra practice). Recordings are posted by the end of the day.

Need to cancel?

Cancel anytime. You will have access to lessons through the end of your plan period. 

Where are classes held?

Google Meet. You will receive a link to class when you first sign up. The class link is the same for each week. 

Can I paint along with my learner?

Please do! Parents paint free :-) 

Where can I find our class recordings?

Each class recording is directly in our google calendar invite for that week. If you ever have trouble finding it, send me a note!

Need to schedule time with Ms. Lauren?

I love seeing parents before or after class. We can also schedule something outside class - just send me an email or text or give me an ‘ol fashioned phone call! 

What if I have another question?

Please reach out. I’m here to help ☺️