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Weekly Art Club for Creative Kids

Each week, we paint something new. Click the video to see if Art Club is for you 🥳

Weekly small group classes

$17 per lesson

Ages 7-13

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Learning Goals

Learn to paint & draw

Learn how to draw and paint using elements of art, mix vibrant color palettes, and gain confidence to make your own masterpieces!

Weekly Themes

Each month, we cover four weekly themes:

  • Character Week

    Hone your drawing skills to bring your favorite animals, cartoons, & characters to life.

  • Art History Week

    Paint great paintings from history, learn about artistic styles, and develop our own unique artistic style!

  • Nature Week

    Learn to paint landscapes, galaxies, flowers, oh my!

  • Abstract Week

    Practice the lines, shapes, and colors that you need for all other types of art.


Field Trips

Once a month, we get out of the art studio to visit Smithsonian Museums, paint "en plein air", and meet famous artists in their natural habitat.

  • Convenient Classes

    Not everyone can get to an art center each week. Art club meets once a week on zoom - less time driving, more time painting!

  • Simple Registration

    1. 🎨 Try a class
    2. Join a weekly section
    3. Paint each week!
  • Open Sections

    • Mondays: 10, 11, 12, 6, 7 (EST)

    • Tuesdays: 10, 1, 2:30, 5

    • Wednesdays: 10

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  • $17 per class

    Affordable pricing. Family discounts available 🥳

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  • No Stress Make Ups

    Miss a class? No problem - hop into another section that week or watch the class recording.

  • Easy Materials

    • Watercolor paper

    • Watercolor paint & brush

    • Pencil, eraser, sharpie

    • Tape (painters/masking)

    • Cup of water, small towel

    • Clean area for working

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A Teacher Who Cares

Ms. Lauren

Hello friend! I am a professional artist, singer and teacher. I have taught hundreds of students how to paint and love guiding young minds through the world of art!

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